My 11 year old son

Was curious if there was anything we could work on.

Nice job leading with the hip.

The main issue is the arm action of both the glove side and throwing arm. I’d like to see him keep both more in direct line with the target as he separates his hands. Check out just the arm action at hand separation w Felix Hernandez:

The baseball stays totally in line with the target and glove. Your son’s first arm action is to separate both glove and arm back at chest height toward first base, as opposed to down.

Yes, I have been trying to get him to keep his glove hand in more of a tucked position and in line with his target. When he is playing 3rd and throwing to 1st, he does it perfectly, points his elbow at the target every time. Never really noticed the throwing arm go back behind his hips during his take away and round to over the top but i see it now. Thanks.

I would start by focusing on the very beginning of the delivery…

Pitcher appears to lock his legs straight when he comes set with his feet a little wider than shoulder width. His first movement is a bending/unlocking of the knees followed by a slight weight shift towards 2B as he goes into knee lift. This is unnecessary movement that can affect control and tip off baserunners. Try keeping a slight bend in the knees when set to eliminate the unlocking movement. Also, keep the feet closer together to reduce or eliminate the weight shift towards 2B.

Next, the pitcher flies open with the glove and then lets the glove drop. This will lead to early shoulder rotation followed by an unwanted posture shift. Glove arm needs to get to an “equal and opposite” position with the throwing arm and then needs to “swivel and stabilize” somewhere over the front foot and in front of the torso.

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Try to film from a 90 degree angle to his chest and directly behind the mound or zoomed in from behind home plate. There are many things that are difficult to determine from a 45 degree angle (another reason why coaches shouldn’t shout mechanics advice from the bench during a game).

His balance throughout the delivery seems to be off as he is zig-zagging across the center line. Search dynamic balance drills. He wants to be exclusively linear until it’s time to be rotational through foot strike.

Steven and Roger made some good points as well about hand break and leg lift.