Cabrera over Trout? Come on voters!

How can ‘new age’ be overlooked for ‘triple crown’. Meh.

All the writers seem to think Posey was the far and away winner too. How can anyone quantify how ‘valuable’ a player is for their respective team, oh wait, they can’t - Which is why they compare season stats…Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with Posey winning, I just didn’t see a clear victory.

The Trout thing just kills me…A huge amount of writers talk about Cabrera’s rbi total, but not Trout’s runs scored - He scored 20 more runs than anyone in baseball and missed the first month. This stuff doesn’t add up and equal Cabrera.

Dude it’s popularity…who is se*y at the time, who gets the most press, who fills the most seats. It’s not as simple as “Who is the most valuable player!”