Mutiple competive sports condtioning

I am going into 9th grade and I plan to play baseball and basektball on at least the freshmen team(hopefully higher). I was wondering how to condtion for baseball during the baseketball season without hurting my performence in basketball and still getting stronger for baseeball.

just combine a basketball WO and a baseball one

Okay thanks.

running is good for both sports, and im sure you do plenty of it at bball practice. one thing that is overlooked in all organizations except the nba is the importance of core work. do alot of core work and it should be all good.


Yeah core running and you can work on your legs. I dont play basketball but you would think it would help you jump higher??

Could you explain what plyometric stuff is I have personally never heard of it before.

Yeah if you have never heard of them you better jump on it to step up your game. Youll definently see a boost in performance if you havent been doin this type of workouts. Just dont cheat your self. No Pain No Gain :wink:

Thanks for the post I have been lifting since that post with my basektball team at my high school.