Must Reading

There is an exchange of ideas, propositions, suggestions and critique(s) in response to gtjackets request -“ Analyze My Sons Video PLEASE! He’s 14" in the MECHANICS section of this web site that is well worth everyone reading. Follow along with the mind set and point-for-point exchange among some of the best and brightest, in particular … 101mph, JP, Dusty Delso, Roger, jdfromfla, and Dino.

This group has skillfully ( with a great deal of insight) broken down, reviewed and critiqued a pitcher who has very good potential to make an impact in this sport. Collectively, they have each compounded and structured a first class coaching session that is easy to follow, explicit to each form and function of the body, focused on maximizing the learning curve for the pitcher in question based on his age, physique and stage of development.

I strongly suggest following this exchange, printing it out, and reading and re-reading the finer points of each contributor.

gtjackets, his son, and anyone else who will read this section, will benefitted beyond words from such learned professionals.

Coach B.

Awesome of you to bring that to attention. I spend most of my time in this forum and did not realize what a wealth of knowledge there is to be had when LTP is utilized to its full potential.

I’ve said this time and again and thanked Roger so many times that he might be a little sick of it, but I’m going to do it again:

Roger’s glove arm analysis, input and feedback were instrumental in giving me added velocity, command and confidence. I did not realize just how important that aspect of delivery can be. In my case, my glove arm limpness and slack was holding me back and making me almost wince when I saw the videos I had made of my delivery. I knew something was off but it took Roger to point it out and turn me on to “swivel and stabilize”. Now I see myself pitch and it just looks tighter, more flowing… better. Obviously, there’s a lot more I need to work on, but glove arm mechanics helped me in those other aspects as well, such as drag line which is mentioned in the gtjackets thread. Luckily, I got with Roger before I developed too bad of an unbreakable habit.

It’s things like the gtjackets thread, the great people like Roger, Coach B. and everyone else who’s genuinely willing to help and the absolutely unrivaled pool of knowledge one can find here at LTP that make this site the most visited on my computer and so good I almost want to cry!


Thanks, man, for the thanks. As Coach B has pointed out previously, for many coaches including yours truly a simple “thanks” makes our day. It is greatly appreciated.

I gotta get on making a new video so you can actually see how far I’ve come since the one I sent to you. Hopefully It’ll be quite gratifying to see how much you actually helped… Over the internet no less.

Look forward to seeing it.