Mussina's 1-seam fastball?

I got these jpg pics of mike mussina ( unfortunately I can’t figure out how to post the pics in this forum) … and they show him bringing his arm up as he plants his foot and you can see that he’s holding the ball like a two seam fast ball… EXCEPT his middle finger is lifted off the ball from about the middle knuckle to the tip … presumably the ball is then getting relased just off of his index finger …

I threw it this weekend and (I’m a righty) the ball was tailing in and down to righties like a sinker … didn’t have much speed though… but really good movement… I’m not sure how much I could control it in a game…

Anyone know about this kind of grip?

I wish I could post the pictures…[/img]

all right… does this link work [/img]

or try this one and click on the pic itself to enlarge [img]


Here’s another link of Mussina holding this one finger grip again… although this time it looks like a four seamer/one finger…



-page down to the mike mussina section, it’s the top right pic in his section…

You may not be able to see how much his pointing finger is bent. It may be a knuckle curve. If it isn’t bent he could also have his ring finger on the ball and it could be a change. Not enough information in the images.

I originally thought curve, given how his finger is right on the seam. I then checked and it says he has a knuckle curve.

yeah… I think the second set of links he might be throwing the knuckle curve, but for the first set of links he is gripping it along the seams like a 2-seamer…

Look at the two pictures and it looks like he seems to grip it differently.

In the first picture his finger is on the seam (ala a curveball). In the second picture his finger is across the seam (ala a 2-seamer/sinker).

But the questions here is: has anyone heard of elevating the middle finger to throw a fastball … certainly he wouldn’t be lifting the middle finger to throw a curveball!!! … Perhaps it’s like a sinking changeup??

I just found a page full of pictures of Mike Mussina…

Based on what I see on this page, the grip in the photos above isn’t a knuckle curve. Rather, given how much he is choking the ball back in his hand, I’d say it’s more likely to be a change-up.

Eric Gagne does something somewhat similar with his Vulcan Change-Up.