Muscle weight as it realates to velocity

I’ve heard a general rule of thumb that for every 10 lbs of muscle a pitcher adds, he gains an average of 2mph. Obviously, there are many factors including maturity, flexibility, mechanics ect. if you take a look around at the players you’ve seen or coached, what do you think about this theory?

In general, studies show that higher levels of bodyweight is positively correlated with fastball velocity.

Increasing strength can only be a good thing, but getting bigger and larger for the sake of being bigger isn’t necessarily the best idea.

do you have any of the studies on file? I’ve googled this topic and haven’t been able to find any studies.

It’s relaive to where you gain that muscle and how well you can utilize strength in that area in your throw.

It’s in some papers regarding youth pitchers, but again, it’s a very general statement. Just because kids who weigh more tend to throw harder doesn’t mean increasing your weight is a good idea.


why with a 90 mph fastball? why not just any pitcher?

That statement says there will be a 5% increase in velocity and 90 mph is used as the example.

4-5 mph is about 5% of 90 mph. It doesn’t mean this will only occur in pitchers who throw 90.