Muscle under/in the bicep

whats that muscle called… it feels like its the bicep but isnt… its underneath it

and can u strengthen it?

Probably the brachialis. Yes, you can strengthen any muscle. See if this helps.



the muscle on the underside of ur arm under the bicep is ur tricep

it was the brachialis

does anyone have any workouts to strengthen this?

A regular workout will do that like TUff Cuff. But remember most of the time its a mechanical problem if you are having trouble with an injury.

Do you have an injury or fatigue of this muscle? And thats a tendon I THINK.

no my arms and everything else feels fine

just that muscle/tendon would hurt a little after throwing hard for 30 mins or so

be careful…if it hurts dont throw. that tendon runs up through your arm into your rotator cuff so you dont want to screw it up. to fix it just stick to rotator cuff work and look into adjusting your mechanics

adjusting them how so?

arm action?