Muscle Mass

hey guys whats up.

Got 2 questions here. The first question is pretty short.

On major league rosters and in general are pitchers measured how tall they are with or without cleats on. Without cleats i am 5’10. With cleats i am about 5’11. So ya i also weigh 165lbs and am pretty ripped.

Question: This year my average fastball is about 82mph-85mph. I topped out at 87mph. I increased my fastball by doing long toss and doing leg strengthening, core strengthening and medicine ball work, as well as jobes rubbing tubing every day. Because at the start of the season i was only hitting my hardest 79-80mph. So i am pretty happy. But i love baseball so so so much. I weigh 165lbs and i really want to put more mass on. i Looked on and most guys are around 200lbs. I know how to put on the mass on.

I have really good nutrition and eat a lot of protein. When you are weightlifting i am suppose to eat about 150grams of protein. I also know for your post workout meal your suppose to have protein which is dissolvable so that you can get it quicker, opposed to whole foods with alot of protein. So ya instead of the protein shakes and weigh protein(which i personally think are bad and a waste of money)So ya i know alot about fitness and my body and how to put on mass. But i heard people saying pitchers are not suppose to be bulky.

What about jonathan broxton, bobby jenks, and joba chamberlin. Those guys arms are HUGE. And they all throw gas. I love workout out and having that Beach kind of body if you know what i mean. Nice pecs and abs.
So ya are their any upper body workouts that i can do with heavy weights to help me gain mass and at the same time increasing my velocity oppsed to losing it. Also is it okay to bench press. Damn i love benching. haven’t done it since last auguest though.