Muscle Mass and Pitching?

I have heard that if you get “big” muscles that it could hurt your pitching velo. Is this true? I am 6’2 210 and want to put on more muscle mass in my upper body. I am 18 and throw 87-90. I was just wondering because if it does then I’m not gonna try and get bigger, but if it doesn’t then I’m gonna go ahead and buy myself some creatine(lol) and go to work. I dont wanna get huge, just get a bit bigger and more definition. Any thoughts?

The key of getting bigger and to not losing your pitching velocity is by staying flexible. The reason why you would lose some speed is that you are all tight and itll lead some injuires most likely. During the offseason you generally want to work lower reps to build strength but still maintain your flexibility. You want to add “muscle mass” to help your body sustain all that beat down it goes through during the season. In season workouts are different. You dont want to get bigger but basically just maintain your body of all the work you put into during the offseason

pitching velocity is determined not by arm strength,
but by lower body and core strength.
A pitcher’s power and velocity come from his lower body.
Hip rotation and delayed shoulder rotation are critical.
I once heard someone say that
"good mechanics are helping the body do more,
so that the arm has less to do".
What it means is that a pitcher creates momentum with his lower body
and transfers it through the arm (so to speak).

Right you are, CardsWin! You have hit on The Secret—getting the whole body into the action, driving off the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion to generate more power behind your pitches and, in the process, take a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder. I learned this a long time ago, watching how the Yankees’ Big Three and seeing just how they did it. That is how not to get a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore elbow or a sore anything else. When a pitcher gets it going that way, the arm just goes along for the ride so s/he is throwing harder with less effort. 8)