Hey, what’s up everyone? Just wanted to know what your thoughts were on supplementing a multivitamin into your daily activities??? I decided to go out and buy GNC Men’s Mega Men multivitamin yesterday, and today marked the first time of using it. And… so far, I’m pretty impressed, but would it be wise of me to use it twice in the same day? On the box, it says take 2 pills daily with food for one serving, but on the days that I work out, should I consume two servings??? One in the morning, and one after I work out? Note, I take the multivitamin with green tea and oatmeal in the morning.

To alleviate any confusion that may be made, I would only consume two servings of it on the days that I work out.

I take the first serving of it anywhere between the hours of 5-6 A.M.

If it would be beneficial to consume more then one serving, then I would probably take it after I drink my whey protein(Optimum Whey 100% Gold), which would be anywhere between 6-7 P.M.

If not, no worries, I will just continue taking the one serving in the morning.

One more Question…?
Would I be able to aquire the same results by taking one pill in the morning, and then one pill about an hour-two hours before working out??? Any help would be appreciated, thanks…

By the way, I’m 16 years of age…17 in march.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a multi-vitamin like those produced by GNC. I took that very product at different points in my career, too. For the most part, multi’s simply help to fill in any nutritional gaps caused by lack of a well-balanced diet. Since they’re rather big pills, I’ve always found them easier to take with a “thicker” liquid like milk or juice, rather than plain-old-water.