Multiple Problems

I’ll list them in order.

  1. My body breaks down as I head towards home.

  2. I’m Rushing forward.

  3. My elbow is below my shoulder, so I’m “pushing” the ball.

Any help would be great, thanks.


It’s too hard to envision what you’re doing from your descriptions. Got video?

I dont got video, but let me describe the problems better.

  1. My body breaks down- What I mean by this is that my knee is really bent when I head towards home, and its causing my pitches to be flat, and its also putting alot of stress on that knee (right knee)

  2. I’m rushing forward- Well this is pretty self explanitory lol.

  3. My elbow is below my shoulder, so I’m “pushing” the ball- I don’t get my elbow level with my shoulder, so I’m pushing the ball because my elbow is constantly below shoulder level, and I’m starting to pain in my elbow.

what i do to make sure my elbow is up is get on top of the ball. it helps me.

what does that mean?

its hard for me to explain.