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I have notice something with my training. See, for the last year an a half I’ve been working on increasing my velocity. I’m 24 now, a lefty, and haven’t played since middle school, but I still would like to play again some day. I’m waiting until I get to the high 80s to join a team (I’m at around 82 or so…not bad for someone throwing 65 two years ago).

Alright, so when I go do a long toss, I’m able to reach back and throw about 200-250 ft. I’m really excited that I can do this. But, I’m noticing something. Whenever I get back to 60 ft, the ball is as straight as … I have no analogies at this time :wink: . Accuracy is still there but something is different. Back in middle school, I had a ton of movement on my pitches. A Ton! I could throw a four seem fastball that broke to the right and the drop down. The curve ball did the same but much more drastically.

About a month ago I found a couple of kids and asked to play catch with them. They agreed and we got started. Low and behold, the movement came back. Now, we were just fooling around. Just tossing to one another as if it were an infield drill. It was very very fun. What I noticed was that my natural arm angle came back when I threw to others. And not just that, but I had more accuracy as well.

So, ya, when I throw by myself (at a net or to an upright at a football field) the ball is as straight as an arrow, but when I toss to others, a lot of movement occurs. Can anyone give me any idea to how this happened? Has anyone experienced this?

Hi Jay,

It is really hard to say without video. My guess is you probably are concentrating a lot more when throwing at a net than when you are throwing to friends. You probably are more relaxed when just throwing the ball around and this may mean you are throwing more three quarters, have more of a hitch in your pitching motion, or your hand and forearm may be pronating/supinating more when you release the ball. I would not worry about this too much though because the natural movement is a far better thing to have when you are pitching. Straight ball hitters are the ones that get hit the hardest regardless of their overall velocity.

Hope this helps,
Jack Elliott
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