Much needed help

I really do not want to make any excuses, so heads up this will most likely sound like an excuse. I’m putting money aside every so often to buy TUFFCUFF but I’m kind of in a pinch right now and I really do not have a steady flow of income. I feel like if I wait any longer to ask for help it would be a terrible decision.

Alright, so I was attempting to create some sort of workout program to help get me back in shape, improve strength, and hopefully increase my velocity. Now, the problem is I have never actually really worked out before. I have done the inclined leg press a few times(I have pretty decent leg strength), but that’s really where it ends. I’ve been reading the nutrition thread and found amazing information but when I read workout programs I just do not understand how to make one for me or what I need to do. I am completely lost and helpless.

The question is what are some pitcher specific workouts and what are the benefits? If this is asking too much, I understand, but thanks for any help/replies.

Google starting strength

nutrition is by far more important than lifting weights if you want to gain weight. If you want to gain muscle, then weight training and nutriton go side by side

Somewhat count your calories.

If you eat to less, you can workout all you want, you won’t gain a pound

Eat too much you will gain fat

Eat a little over maintence, you will gain solid muscle, and minimum fat gains.

You are new to lifting, so you will gain a lot of muscle.

Sometimes you just need to start. Don’t worry about finding the perfect program. Getting in the weight room is priority #1. Find a good trainer or someone who can mentor you. There’s a ton of us out there who love training and helping kids out. Chances are there’s plenty in the gym down the street from you. I learned from a powerlifter in New Hampshire when I was 16 who taught me the basics and started tweaking-studying-applying what I learned from magazines-books-other gym members.