MSBL Pre-Tryout Mechanics Help

I did a little experimenting during a bullpen session today. Tried a late leg drive and one right from separation. 2 videos below. Any advice as to which direction to head would be appreciated. Spring isn’t too far away and I still need big mechanics help…


In the first video there is a hitch in your arm swing out of the glove where you actually appear to change direction for a split second. This is causing you to get the arm up late with little external rotation.
Also in the first video your shoulders open too early to the point where they are open to the plate at foot strike. A possible effect of the hitch and forcing your shoulders open to catch the arm up.

The second video looks slightly better without the hitch. you appear to have more hip shoulder separation than the first video, but need more. It also looks like you begin falling off to first even before ball release.

IMO you need to become more linear to the plate and not so rotational throughout your motion.