MSBA or MAJORS organization topic

Post in this topic, if you are joining the Majors or MSBA association in Mississauga Ontario, and what league you will be playing in.

(we can also post our teams, outings etc later on)

I will be playing in the MSBA southwest division, house league, for the highest age group (1990,1991,1992)


The MSBA is the Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association? I’m guessing that it’s just another baseball league like Babe Ruth baseball, ect? And by Majors do you mean MLB or is it some other league a step above the MSBA?

It is basically a league the same as MSBA (with usually 4 teams), which plays against teams in the msba.

I do know that there are some other members on the forum that live in mississauga and had previously said they are joining the msba/majors this year, so i was just wondering who.