MrDarden's Progression Log

This should be fun for me. I will document like a little diary from time to time with updates on how an old man can go from out of shape couch potato to a pitcher. Lets see how far i can go.

I will start from April 5th when i decided to stop lounging around.

April 5th 2010
Weight: 221lbs @ 33.4% body fat.
Fastball speed: Unknown

Just getting in shape! The journey begins. Last time i touched a baseball was in 1997 where i clocked at mid to low 80s

April 15th 2010
Weight: 209lbs @ 26.4% body fat.
Fastball speed: 90 +/- 3mph

I started throwing a bit, got my fastball (93mph) and slider (85mph) clocked by a high school coach that had a few of his kids at the sports complex while i was there. Funny thing is that is about 10mph faster then i could through when i was a kid. I think that’s what has me all fired up. If i can throw that fast out of shape, who knows what i will clock come the end of May.

April 21st 2010
Weight: 202lbs @ 24.4% body fat
Fastball speed: 90+/- 3mph

I have not clocked myself again but my mechanics are slowing coming together. I also found a regulation mound i can throw on in town but i can only use it on Sat and Sun mornings. Better then nothing. I will shoot a video on Sunday and post it up. Also thanks for the support some of you have shown me :slight_smile:

April 26th 2010
Weight: 199lbs @ 23.8% body fat
Fastball speed: 90+/- 3mph

It was finely dry enough to throw outside so i tossed about 80 balls around 75% effort. Trying to sharpen up some huge mechanics issues. It looks like i am short arming pretty bad as well as rotating my upper body and kick towards 2nd base. I have no clue why that is and i have never had that issue before. Maybe because the turf was not totally dry and i was afraid to slip. But it was pretty bad. My accuracy was down to about 70-75% but boy was my slider and curve looking pretty!

April 29th 2010
Weight: 202lbs @ 23.2% body fat

Figured i would put something in here since it will be awhile before i will have a chance to. I have to drive to Fort Wayne, IN after work today for a wedding. Wont be able to throw for like a week. I have been working on mechanics one flaw at a time. Its working out alright. Purchased me a clock so i can see the speed of every pitch and not have to bug some coach to clock me! Quick sum up on my velocity and accuracy. I can not say anything about my velocity because i have not been throwing more then say 75% capacity but my accuracy is getting a little better with every flaw i work on.

I am gaining weight back! 3 pounds in 3 days, makes me want to cry. I have not been slipping on my workouts or dieting :frowning:

How old are you?

I just turned 30. :shock:

Changed my mind again ill post individual days on new replys.

May 6th 2010
Weight: 197lbs @ 23.1% body fat

Well i got my radar gun in the mail and took it out yesterday. Every muscle in my body has been sore up until my little vacation from the 29th through the 4th. So i figured now was a good time as any. After i stretched and loosened up i started throwing about 90%. Then i decided to test my velocity. Big mistake. I threw about 15 hard 100% pitches, 10 fastballs and 5 sliders. Was only able to hit 89mph with a 4 seam. I do not understand why i lost 4 mph! My slider was only hitting 83mph. After the last slider i felt some intense pain in my shoulder and stopped throwing. Today it is pretty sore when i rotate my shoulder. Now my right glut is very very sore to. I guess this is why 30 year old men should not act 20 eh? Maybe i just need to take it slower and build a solid and fit body before i go out throwing 100% again. I don’t know but i still am not giving up, i will be happy playing any level of ball if i can get back in there.