Mr. Ellis

A friend of mine recently got drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the late (35th)round. Hes in rookie ball where the entire team is living in a hotel, paid for by the Brewers. He said the organization is very strict and if hes caught sneeking a girl into his room, hes fined $500.

Its rather the obvious the minors is a grind. Couldld you talk a little about how the lifestyle of the minor leagues was for you personally, and how the Cubs organization treated you guys.

In the late 1960’s a book came out called “ The Violent World of Sam Huff.” It’s one of my all time favorite readings.

Huff was an aggressive, vicious linebacker and named ALL-NFL three times. In addition he was the subject of a television special that was titled by the same name as the book.

I used to read and re-read because I could relate to the environment of that time. And there were two stories that I remember from the book that was typical of pro sports and the mentality it took to control the guys in it.

Huff and a couple of other players would sneak out and do the town, then try to sneak back in again without being spotted. But, next day word came down that they were caught and fines levied. This however didn’t stop Huff and his crew.

“You’re all fined $100 bucks”, then ”You’re all fined $200 bucks”, then “You’re all fined $300 bucks.” Finally, in what had to be total exasperation, the word came down … and I quote…” If Huff and his bunch can fine something worth getting fined $500 bucks … call us, we’re going with them!”

The second favorite part in the book was a quote from Huff himself that I had carved in a small piece of polished granite by a grave stone mason, and I carried it everywhere I went. His quote, and my guide was, ”It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, its who gets the blame.”

Coach B.