i was wondering what did you and other pitchers that have pitched at a higher level do growing up i know you said you squated often in your teens but what about long toss ,running, plyometrics,. and as a side note how hard did you throw as a 15,16,17 yr. old etc. and how much did you squat i hit 275 10 times 255 10 and 235 10 the other day after only squating for about 2 weeks.

I started lifting seriously at 13 years old, when I moved up to the big league mound (60 feet). Mostly squats and lower body and lightweight dumbbells for the shoulders. Lots of running – a few miles longer distance, as well as a lot of sprints.

I threw every day. I mean literally every day of the year except during the soccer season in the fall … when I took three months time off. I longtossed mostly. Never timed the throwing sessions, but my dad and I would just go out to the backyard and throw till we felt like we’d had enough. It was our bonding time, really. So we’d talk and throw. In the winter, before the March baseball season, we’d throw more off the mound. Usually twice a week. The other days, we’d long toss.

I was throwing 78 mph as a freshman on my high school varsity team (was the No. 2 starter). I was 80 my sophomore year. 84 my junior year. 88 my senior year.

I first hit 90 mph the summer after my freshman year in college, during a summer league all-star game for the Central Illinois Collegiate LEague (CICL). Part of the reason is that I really started to fill out weight wise. The summer between my sophomore and junior years in college I did the workout that became TUFFCUFF after attending the International Performance Institute in Florida … and was consistently throwing 93-94 my junior year when I was drafted by the Oakland A’s.

You’ll notice, not surprisingly, that there’s lots of legwork, sprintwork and throwing in TUFFCUFF. That’s really what it takes to build that foundation that can set the stage for getting to the next level.

Either Yogi Berra or Babe Ruth said that they played baseball every single day. And I think they meant literally every single day.

How fast were you throwing when you were 13. I’m throwing 70.

Who did you play for in the CICL? I have been to a couple of CICL games this year in Springfield.