Mr. Ellis and Bret Wagner

Mr. Ellis,
I was wondering if you had ever heard of a pitcher for the St. Louis cardinals named Brett Wagner. He played college ball at Wake Field as a closer in the early 90’s and was on the 92’ USA team. Just wondering :smiley:

Wake Forest* haha my bad

No, but if he was on the USA team, he was pretty legit! I was first drafted in 2000 by the A’s, and then again in 2001 by the Cubs and played through 2004.

this is him?

1st rounder that got up to AA ball

i rememeber him, was highly thought of out of college. I assume he ran into arm trouble since his minor league stats look good?

I’m not sure about any arm troubles but he is my pitching coach now. I’ll ask him.

I think i even have a few baseball cards of his still, being a Cardinal fan I tried to get all the young guys cards.