Nahhh what?
Do you mean that you don’t think a pitcher could improve his velocity
10-12 mph in one year?[/quote]As stated before by other people, I think the only way a pitcher could put on that amount of velocity by that amount if he had:

  1. Horrible mechanics, just terrible, just used his arm to throw
  2. Was a tiny little guy
  3. Was not in shape at all
    In order to put on that speed you would need to see something like this:
  4. Now perfect mechanics, very efficient in using his lower body and trunk while pitching
  5. Grew a lot, maybe somewhere in the amount of 6"-12"
  6. Got in the best shape of his life[/quote]

I agree with your reasoning.
It would be extremely hard to raise a pitcher’s velocity 10-12 mph in one year,
but I believe it would be possible in extreme situations.