MP Balancer - is it useful?

Has anyone tried it? Is it useful?

Forcing everyone to have the same front foot path make no sense to me. It also seems to encourage leading with the front foot instead of the front hip.

Roger, I’m with you all the way. Might as well get a cookie cutter and cut a whole batch of cookies—or cookie-cutter pitchers. Definitely not my dish of ice cream. :x

$230 for a couple bent tent poles? Sign me up!

No lean plus you could make one out of PVC for about a buck fitty.

Have you tried it? I have and so has a future Hall of Famer and a major league pitcher with 26 years in the league and we all agree that it is the best lower half mechanic training device there is.
Most major league pitchers do have the same foot path to the plate. They just look different doing it.
What the balancer does is make the pitcher stay back, stay on line and have a consistent delivery. You do lead with the hip but the foot has to be on a consistent line to the plate.

what it does do is fix a novice move that irritates move and is posted so many times on the board that I made my signature as instruction on how to prevent hurdling. Many beginners will lift the glove leg up and stride directly to the plate without straightening out the knee.

Geessshh… that thing looks like a plumber’s nightmare!