Moving to states?

When im done with my study here i might wanna move over to the states.
or if i dun finish it, ill work for it.

Any suggestions what to look out for blablabla or where to go ^^?

all info would be more than welcome;)

Anywhere specifically you’d like to go? If you need info on Southern California, I could help you out a bit.

Not really, havent orientated much on where to go.

but if u dont mind giving sum info:)?

Im 19 ( in 13 days) and I finished my highschool 1,5 years ago( if the school system is the same, i geuss its high skool:P)

Hmm… Well, are you planning on coming to the US to go to college, or to get a job?

For So Cal, the main thing you need to consider is the high cost of living. Most apartments in reputable areas (ie. safe, no gangs, etc.) will cost you $1,000 a month. Factor in another $100 for water and utilities. It can add up fast if you also have a car and pay for gas ($3 a gallon). Minimum wage is around 8 bucks an hour.

The upside would be the absolutely awesome weather, the extremely hot women everywhere, and an active scene for baseball.

The main areas are LA, Orange County (thats where I’m from) and San Diego.

Well if i finish my job, the chance is big i come over
if not, i need to save up alot of money first.

then i need to get a job and school, wich would take lots of time then.
I dunno if thats a good idea anyways. If i go to school in the states i need even more money.

It’s funny, someone on another forum was asking about this (he’s in England) so I looked up a bunch of info on schools to help him out.

So yeah, if you go to Cal State Univerity San Marcos (San Diego County) it would cost around $25k a year, which includes room and board and other stuff. I’m not sure how financial aid works for foreign students, you’d have to check that out. But if you get some free money from the state, plus a couple loans, you should be able to work part time and survive. There is also the community college option, which is much cheaper but does not offer dorms so you’d have to find somewhere to live.

If money is a real problem, you could look to rural areas (US Midwest area) to go to school. Cost of living is much lower there.