Moving to 13U any advice on Mechanic


Throws a fastball a two seamer a knuckle curve and a change up, tops at 70 cruise 68-67 change up at 56, any advice would be appreciated. 5.5 110 pounds. Thank you

knuckle curve


two seamer


I would defer to the experts but he is awful straight up and down after release.


Just took a quick look at the video. I can give more details when I get a few extra minutes. There are a few concerns in the delivery I will discuss soon, but the one that stands out the most to me is how how he lifts his arm and elbow up to his ear as he is driving down the mound (see picture below). This raises a red flag with me. Just to be clear, just because his elbow rises above his shoulders does not necessarily equate to poor arm action. There could be something causing it prior to his high elbow.

I would go through a system of checks to find out why his arm and elbow rises that high. Are there other phases in his delivery causing the high elbow? In my opinion, yes The following influences arm action and your son exhibits some of these movements:

  • Poor glove side action
  • Forward shoulder tilt
  • Lack of momentum, slow tempo
  • Lower body opening early
  • Positioning of the hands as they separate from the glove - high, low, out/in, hand positioning, wrist positioning
  • Poor action and control of the center mass

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Hope this helps for now


Thank you, pitching is hard so many moving parts.