Moving Away

Okay, I need more information before I give you an educated answer and before you can decide for yourself you need to evaluate the pros and cons.

First question: Does this academy have any classes besides baseball related ones? or is it pitching, fielding and hitting classes?

Second question: How much does this cost as opposed to if you were to go to a college next year?

Third question: What are your grades like in school?

The idea sounds very neat but also very risky, if it’s what I’m thinking it is. Good luck with whatever decision you make.

I want you to think about whether or not you think it’s worth it and think about what might happen if you don’t make it and all your education is in baseball, think about your future in a realistic fashion, it’s good to have goals and ideals but sometimes you have to sit back and think about what you really need to do.

Is this like the IMG baseball academy?

And you are only a Sophomore in HS right??

Also are your parents going or do you just go to the academy and live by yourself and such?

Yes i am a sophomore in high school right now. But next year will be my Senior year so i want to the academy to try and get me in to some good colleges down in the states.

I would be roomed and boarded so my parents would not be with me. My brother might come because he plays baseball as well.
But ya i really want to play baseball for the rest of my life. I do not care how much money i make. Well i want to make a good living but if i could make it to the minors i would be satisified as well.

yes the school does teach more than just baseball. its a catholic school so you take all your classes and even religion. But ya. I am 5’10 and 170pounds. But i am stilling growing and getting taller i think. But ya this is my story. Any other questions.

The only reason i might not want to go is only because i would have to make new friends and get along with different people so to speak.

Also i come from a town of about 3,000. Where i am going has over 2million people. LOL. So ya its a really big step. Its not like moving from city to city. I live in a small town moving to the big city.

Well aside from the religious part it sounds like something I would probably go for.

You got to weight the pros and cons because its a big change ok so by moving there you’ll probally get more recogniation from coaches and scouts to possibly get to a d1 program if you have the skills but its nothing you cant do by taking lessons and working hard in your home town i come from a town of about 9,000 where baseball is well not big at all and i still managed to go to just 2 showcases and get a gig with a good D3 college could have easily gone to D2 but decided not too. Just take a while to think about it, how much will it actually help you and does that weight off the fact your completely changing your way of life and all your freinds. But ultimately its your choice.

Ya i know. last year though that academy that i am going to. Every single one of their graduating baseball kids got scholorships. Every last one of them who were graduating. Right now the team that i will walk on is an amateur baseball team. I don’t think that is NCAA so i don’t know if i can go D3, D2,D1. Hopefully their just as good and i can get some looks at.

Also i am 5’10, 170pounds. And i currently throw about 78-80mph consistenly. I just recently started training every single day in different aspects of baseball. But i have been playing it since i was 5.
I want to eventually hit about 85-88mph by my senior year. Means i need about 5-8mph on my fastball, which isn’t too bad. This academy also built a 20million dollar complex just recently for baseball. And they do baseball every single day except sundays. That would get my arm in better shape then just lifting weights in my basement.