I throw high fiftys to mid sixtys have prity good control but cann’t get much movement on any of my pitches so I’m geting killed. How do I get some movement on my pitches?

How about changing speeds?

you could change speeds like roger said. Are you could try to apply different pressure with your fingers might work. You could also pronate a little.

lets be honest here your throwing 50s or 60s , your just not going to have movement yet, that will come when you pic up more speed, but what you can do is not throw it down the middle of the plate, or inside
for now throw a fastball outside corner, change up outside, and every other batter or so thrown one inside, but not a strike, most guys can pull a ball, but not many can go oppositel field,
keep everything a way,
and work on gaining speed, you just need to throw more and gain some arm strength

how old are you? the reason I’m asking is not because of your velocity but to see what type of hitters your facing. If your younger chances are most guys can’t hit the outside pitch and will try and pull it, resulting in a groundball.

I’m 13 going into high school next year