I am a RHP 6 ft 185lbs and am looking for tips on adding movement to my fastball. I currently throw 89-90 from an over the top to high 3/4 slot. I am looking for tips on adding movement to my fastball because it is pretty straight. I still get a lot of k’s because I have a good slider but some sink,run, and/or cut on my fastball would help me a ton. Thanks.

Most of the movement that most pitchers get is natural. Like I naturally have huge amounts of run on my 4-seam. What you should be working on is keeping on top of your 2 seam to force it to almost cut a little.

The best way to figure out your movement is to just try things. Only you will know what works best for you. When your throwing a bull pen or something, just try different grips/spins/hand positions etc.

As Sunset said, you have to play around with things. Everyone’s arm slot and release will be different and have different reactions to certain grips. You can find different grips on the internet or this forum.

I’ve heard of several stories of pitchers changing their grips on pitches in the major leagues, and all of a sudden start to have more success. This can also happen from lowering an arm slot (Derek Lowe and Roy Halladay for example).

Work on these in practice, but don’t let it override the importance of hitting your spots.


to get tailing action I slide my thumb to the inside part of the ball with a 2 seam grip. Play with different thumb positions, for me (I’m a righty) when I slide it to the left it tails/runs.

Also try to “turn it over” pronate a little with a 2seamer, that will help with the run in on a righty if you are a RHP. Depending on how and when you turn it over can influence some sink, run or both.

I throw a cutter too but its a little complicated to explain in words. I learned it from still pics of Roy Halladay and Mariano Rivera.