Movement Vs. Velocity

I dont throw all that fast, about the low 70s at 16 but i want to increase my velocity, but my coach says he doesnt want me to do that because i have natural and great movement on all of my pitches and he said none of the other pitchers have that. So is there anyway to increase my speed without losing the movement?

As you throw harder it becomes a different kind of movement as opposed to when you’re throwing 70mph. at 70mph it is likely a gradual loopish movement. At 80-90 it becomes more of a darting and sudden movement.

If you’re serious about pursuing baseball as a career I wouldn’t hold on on developing velocity just to get movement because as you get higher level it won’t matter how much movement you’re getting at 70mph… it’s going to go over the fence.

I think that you have good movement now since you don’t throw hard so your movement is bigger. However when you start throwing harder you will see that your movement becomes tighter and more sharp. I would still try to get velocity even though your movement won’t be as big, it will just be tighter and just as hard to hit.

Is this a varsity coach or JV or some other team?

I guess having great movement at those velos that you sport, Hi 60’s on the sig and lo 70’s in the thread, will make you a hero for that coach but if you have any ambition of playing baseball after you are 18 you better start developing a plan to gain velocity.
Look if you are getting movement now it will only get better with velocity, lots of fast pitchers have very wicked ugly sick movement Dice-k comes to mind, Carlos Zambrano is another, why does this guy think you can’t have movement with velocity? Movement is generally a function of the arm action you have, seam orientation and I think a little bit has to do with finger length…how would velocity effect that?

I was going to add something, but I think these guys covered it. Great job guys.