Movement vs Velocity

[quote=“Turn 22”][quote]What about guys like Lincecum or Sabathia who have a deliberate slowing or pause at their post leg before their arm moves upward. This action appears to be related to their timing and their overall arm action. If used as a timing mechanism, although maybe not ideal in a perfect world, shouldn’t it be considered acceptable

I’m sure Lincecum and Sabathia were really good when they were scouted. So good that their performance overshadowed the “imperfections”.

I believe that it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you get it done. (This does not apply to all situations.)

To get back on topic, I choose movement over velocity (partly because I don’t have much velocity) :wink:

Good point, but I don’t think the slight pause or slowing at the post leg is an imperfection. What I wrote was in response to another post.

I’m with you on movement. I believe thats what separates pitchers from throwers. :slight_smile:

But velocity separates the first rounders from the undrafteds. :wink:

You got me there. :slight_smile:

But really, isn’t 88-90 plus movement going to get noticed? Not being snarky, really want to know your opinion.

[quote=“Turn 22”]You got me there. :slight_smile:

But really, isn’t 88-90 plus movement going to get noticed? Not being snarky, really want to know your opinion.[/quote]

I didn’t take your comment as snarky at all.

Here’s a pro pitcher that I had the misfortune of taking at-bats against a long time ago.

Here’s how good he was:

At the time, Matt threw about 88-90 (he reportedly is around 91 in pro ball now). He dominated D-III ball about as hard as you can possibly do so.

Matt is 5’11" (listed as 6’0"; don’t believe it), right-handed, and had awesome movement on his pitches to go with plus-plus velocity at the D-III level (though below-average for pro ball).

You would think this kid was a slam-dunk for the draft.

Matt went undrafted and had to sign as a free agent with NYY. No one noticed him.

I spoke to an area scout here while watching one of my client’s team play a highly-ranked team in the area. One of the pitchers on the highly-ranked team was carving the hitters up with amazing secondary offerings - usually his slider. When I asked the scout what he thought about him, he said “He’s nothing special. What impresses me is seeing a kid with a big fastball who can command it in/out up/down. The best thing I can possibly see when I come to a game is to see a pitcher throw a complete game using only his fastball. Then I know he’s ready to make the jump.”


Wow, thanks for the post. Interesting information.


Kyleb, that is totally my thought process too, “You can pitch at the next level if you can get outs with fastballs!” all the rest is just to make you better.