Movement problems

This is been happening a lot lately but for some reason whenever I throw my fastball it moves like a cutter and drops like Splitter or Forkball. I don’t think it’s because my arm is sore because my arm felt pretty good today. The movement is absolute filth but it’s kind of hard to control. It seemed like the movement was even more exaggerated when I was throwing today but that might have been because I was in the backyard and I was messing with putting Hair Gel on the ball for fun :slight_smile: heheheheh. This just started happening but do any of you guys know why this might be?

First you shouldn’t be pitching if you arm is sore…let it rest. Second your arm is probably getting sore for the same reason your fastball has so much movement, dropping your elbow, not being in balance or a number of reasons. How about some video that would give us an idea of what you are doing.