Movement on two seam fastball

i’ve been trying to work a two fastball and i’ve been having trouble getting movement on it and what movement i do get is inconsistent at best. any tips that could help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Mix around with different grips to find one that moves more sometimes its hard to tell from your view if its moving so ask your partner to tell you, if a lot of different grips dont work it may be your arm angle.

The two seam can be tricky. Some ques I use early on when teaching it is to “keep your hand inside the ball”, meaning to get your hand into pronation at release. Some thing to try to help you feel the correct way to throw it is to point the ball to SS (if you are right handed) just before shoulder rotation and then keep your hand in between your head and the ball. Learning the timing of release and being able to drive the index finger on a seam is key, IMO, to hard spin and movement (similar to the middle finger on the curveball).

Two other ideas for learning to pronate, do it with your circle change first. “Throw the circle” at the plate and learn to get that into pronation. If you can do it on the change up you should be able to on you fastball. Lastly, I would try setting your arm in pronation in your glove into your arm swing. This is similar to what the NPA will do when teaching the curveball and have pitchers set their arm in suppination in the glove.

These “pre-sets” are for early on in you development of the pitch in learning to get your arm into the correct position. Once you are using it competitively, these would be tips that the hitter would possibly pick up on. Like I tell every pitcher I teach a new pitch to, you’ve been throwing and repping your fastball for this many years and you still don’t have that perfected, don’t expect that you are going to learn this new pitch overnight. Rep it.

Some pitchers I’ve learned are more inclined (flexibility, arm action) to be able to throw pitches in supination than pronation, and visa versa. This may be the case with you as I see you throw a curveball.[/youtube]

i’ll try those tips thanks. ill let you guys know if any of them work.

if you want some sink lower your two seam grip a little, for tailing action keep your thumb on the inside of the ball and play with different pressure points with your middle finger.

Pronation during arm acceleration. Not twisting your wrist or hand at release but keeping your forearm angle slightly turned in (pronated) during arm acceleration will help you get a better finish on the pitch.

make sure you get your timing right cause when I first started figuring it out I was late and my ball kept tailing up and in.

Some real nice tips here! I never got much movement on my 2-seamer b/c I threw from such a high-3/4 arm slot. So I instead focused on getting movement on my changeup and curveball – and the results were very good. At some point, I just decided that I wasn’t going to fight it, and instead work on my off-speed pitches… A 90-plus straight fastball coupled with a nasty change and breaking ball is a deadly combo!