Movement on the fastball

Hey everyone, I was interested in how everyone’s fastball moves, what arm angle they throw it with and what rotation it has.

Personally I throw it high 3/4 and it has veer with 1/7 rotation

actually yesterday i was throwing back to the cut-off man after a liner in center and the ball broke about 10 feet in the air that was so unreal. i had a pretty regular 3/4 armslot but i guess trying to throw hard and far just gave more spin on the ball anyway just to tell you i didn’t hit the cut-off man i kind of totally missed him.

3/4 or a little lower
4 seam tails
2 seam tails even more and sinks
changeup screws

I throw with inverted W arm action (ala Wagner or Zumaya) with 4 seam with some sinking movement, 2 seam with tailing movement, big knuckle curve, and changeup with virtually little movement

2 seamer
a low 3/4
drops and tails away from righties ( the movement doesnt ALWAYS happend)
i only throw a 2 seam fastball and a splitter finger fastball

overhand 4-seam tails about 1/2 a foot into the hitter, ive also been told that sometimes it rises a little. 2-seam doesnt tail

My two seam will break inside and down a bit throwing from a mid 3/4 or from straight overtop. When i pull it across my body is moves down and awa yfrom a righty. Interesting why it does that.
My 4 seam tails alot inwards the righty(RHP)

my 4-seam drops screwball action 3/4
cutter normal
change-up sinks
splitfinger screwball sinks

Well the 2 arm angles I’ve been working give me different results.

3/4: Slight screwball action

Sidearm: Cutter/Splitter action

Both are 4-seam fastballs.

my 2 seam moves away and sinks to a righty
my change up will do the same

My catcher tells me my four seam sinks, though i think it moves normal

two seam sinks, at times tails

cutter moves like…a cutter