Movement on my fastball

I’ve been working on trying to get my fastball to move. I throw fairly hard (low to mid 80’s) but at the college level that can still be hit. I am just looking for some tips to get my fastball to move. Perhaps a good 2-seamer or cutter. Any advice?

What is your arm slot? Lower arm slots generally tend to get more movement. Since you’re asking my guess is that you tend to throw somewhat over the top. You probably don’t want to mess with your arm slot at this point so you’ll just have to play with different fastball grips and finger pressures until you find something that works for you.

My arm slot is pretty much straight over the top which does make it much more difficult. There have been a lot of people that have told me different things and what works for them. Right now I think I just need to try different grips and find something that works. What do you think?

Try pronating at the end of your release. I pitched over-the-top and I couldn’t never get any movement on a four or two-seamer. I tried pronating right at the end of my release and got sick movement. Don’t worry if it feels like too much pronation, because pronating’s good for you.

But, I’m no expert.

Ok I will try pronating at the end of my release. I’ve been told the movement is created by the pressure of the middle finger, and that pronating can cause a lot of tork on the elbow. But I don’t know.

One little assistive thing I’d recommend is putting a piece of electrical tape around the ball, this also helps to see if you are throwing with your hand behind the ball. Over the top should be able to cut and sink by over-loading one side or the other on your 2 seam. I know when I work for my sinker/screwgie I’m more over the top as a lefty (25 yrs ago and in my dreams :lol: )

Jd how does this help?

It gives you immediate graphic representation as to how the spin of the ball is affected by your manipulation of the seams, for example if you are unconciously supinating the tape will show you by "wobbling’, instead of being straight up and down as it would if your hand was behind the ball, so when you manipulate the seams it also won’t be as true as with the hand behind the ball, just an aid to help you understand the type of spin your grip causes.

ok thats something new to me…I’ve never heard anything like that, but I think I will give it a try and see how it looks/feels.