Movement on FB


How can i get more movement on my Fastball.


Movement is about rotation, the last finger to come off the ball, and the angle of release. If you want a ball to break more, the number of rotations needs to increase. Also, a light and non-choking grip aids in getting revolutions up. Try not to throw with a tense arm.


some guys have lots of natural movement on their fastball, but just as many have a naturally straight ball. Getting more movement on your fastball can come in a few ways. 1. try varying the pressure you put on your index and middle finger. 2. change the location of your thumb on the ball, move it to the side, put it more under the ball and really pronate on your finish. lastly, try to locate the ball low and in to your arm side in your bullpens to feel the way the ball comes off your hand. this can develop more movement in a game and also when hitting other spots, not just low inside everytime! (for a righty, low inside against a righty, low outside against a lefty; then opposite for a south paw)

these are just a few things you can do to get a little more dance on your fastball:)


ok Thanks