Movement on 4 Seam

I dont know if this is a problem or not but i hope someone can help me. So every time I play catch my 4 seam fastball has a lot of tail. I dont know if it has something to do with my arm angle b/c if i throw straight over the top when i long toss the ball still tails alot. But I dont know what is the problem or if its a problem?

You may not be throwing as over the top as you think or you may be simply turning the ball over a bit. If you are a pitcher it is a good thing. If you are an outfielder it isn’t.

is it something that always have been or is it something new? again, pedro martinez makes a living of stuffs that tails alot. it might have something to do with the way you pronate your wrist when you throw the ball. your 2-seam fastball should sink like crazy. just throw a 2-seam fastball with the same motion as a 4-seam and you might have found your best pitch.

I got heavy arm side run on my fastball too. Don’t think of this as a curse, but a blessing. Try and work with it and see if you can’t command your run. This can be a deadly tool when pitching in a game.

Like CADad and RTusk40 said if you are a pitcher consider it a blessing but I think you ought to understand what is happening and be able to throw the ball straight if you want to.

If you stand in front of a wall and throw the ball off the wall because of the spin the ball will bounce to one side or the other. If you are throwing a straight ball it will bounce right back at you. An outfielder doesn’t want the tail because first of all it’s inefficient to throw other than in a straight line and second when the ball hits the turf he wants it to bounce up straight with a reverse rotation.

A pitcher wants movement. Control that movement and velocity becomes less important.