Movement and control

We had our first game of the season last night(late late start I know, we didnt enter round 1 of provincial play because our coach moved at the last minute, but we have a soilid coach who coached Newfoundlands Canada cup team). I pitched with only a bit of practice before hand but enough i should consistantly be throwing strikes, but i was wild as hell. I started out in the third and was so wild, i didn give up an earned run through 2 innings and had 7 strikeouts(catcher wasn’t doing the best job catching a curveball…) but I did have 3 runs against and 4 maybe 5 walks, and my D wasnt very good. But i was rarely throwing strikes, my father said my mechanics were different just about every pitch, but i’m not sure what to do to fix it. I’d like to get a vid up soon but our computer is broken and im using my sisters laptop so it wont be likely i’ll get one fore a while.

Things my dad pointed out

-my left knee was bent on the majority of my picthes
-my right leg ddnt come around
-sometimes i strided to the left or right of the mound instead of straight.
-falling off the mound to the 1st base side.
-said it looked like i was throwing all arm and wanst getting over my front leg

-I didnt give up a single hit to a team mostly made up of 90’s while im only a 92.
-whenever they made contact it was a dribbler or an infield pop up
-curve ball was sick, three guys swung on it and all three times it brok before the plate, and one sick bender that had a righty ducking out and it broke in for a strike.
-On their 2nd pitcher, who is probably throwing mid to high 70’s and was a good friend on a regional hockey team a few years back, I took the first pitch one hop off the fence, into the wind, and opposite way with the first swing of the season.

My dad and I watched the jays-yanks game tonight and he pointed out how straight The Moose’s front leg was on impact and how he got over his front knee and his right leg whipped back around. What advice could you give me on improving this?

Also, I noticed i threw much harder and with much more control from the wind up.

And with movement in consideration, i seem to get none, maybe a bit of sink. I notice when i throw my four seamer the hardest it moves a fair bit to the right side of the plate but i usually leave that high and inside to a righty(i made a living their last night though), but my two seam seemed very blank and straight in, but i was throwing it for strikes. I’ll hopefully get a mound video up wihtin the next couple of weeks that you guys could use to help me out with this stuff.
I’d really like to go to a pitching coach but there is nothing in the area.

And, is it possible for me to tear a tendon in my middle finger from pitching because my middle finger is really sore and stiff from like the top part of my finger to my top knckle?(I don’t know the finger terminology)

yu might of fractured a growth plate i did that once in the same spot but i broke it in half


I would not worry about it too much. It just sounds like you need to build up some muscle memory. By practicing your pitching motion about 50 times a day for 5 to 6 times each week, you will build up up some muscle memory that will become automatic in the games. The other thing I would do is try not to press in the games and instead, throw the same way you do in practice. Often times, when pitchers press, this will negatively impact their motion. Also, use this as an example to make sure you are fully warmed up before you start pitching. If you have to in a game, step off the mound and
make some additional throws to first base.

Jack Elliott
Baseball Training Tips