Mouthguard while pitching... thoughts?

Do any of you guys use mouthguards when you pitch? Not sure if I should or not…

Mouth guards all the time. My kid was hit in the mouth at age 13 and lost one front tooth & root canal on another. He’s now wearing a “Maryland Bride” which ain’t cheap. Not to mention he’d like to have his real tooth back. With him it was a freak thing, batting and fouled one right back into his face. Dentist told us another kid who who recently graduated had same experience with a bad hop in the field. Chances are it won’t happen to you but why take a chance?

Last season, a number of the D-backs players wore mouth guards - including all-star pitcher Patrick Corbin.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from using a mouth guard, but you might want to talk to a doctor or dentist first. I lost two teeth from a baseball and the teeth were hit with so much force that they came out very cleanly. Now he is no physicist, but he told me that if I had been wearing a mouth guard, I would have lost more than just two teeth.

In layman’s terms (since I am also no physicist), a mouth guard redistributes the force across a wider area in your mouth when hit by a baseball. So when I got hit straight on and lost two teeth, the redistribution could have caused me to lose more teeth. Since I would assume the most likely way you are going to get hit is straight on (comeback from as a pitcher or bad hop as an infielder), a mouth guard may not be the right choice.

As a pitcher, I’d be more concerned with concussion from a drive to the head. I bought my son one of those kevlar hat inserts. It took some getting used to, but he’s past that phase now. The only drawback so far is that his hat comes off a bit easier if he’s running to cover a base or chase bunts and such. He wears a mouth piece playing just because he doesn’t want to take a shot to the mouth with his braces. He’d get cut to shreds.

When I was younger and had braces I took one off the mouth and my ortho said the reason I didn’t loose any teeth was because of the braces.

Really it’s such a ‘freak accident’ it could play out differently for everyone