i have a problem adjusting to our mounds. now that baseball season is over, nobody adds new dirt or fixes it up
we have 2 mounds. They both have alot of holes in them, and one LARGE hole. but my stride is longer than the hole and fi i touch it a little bit i slip. also, the mound in teh bullpen has a lot of rocks… so when u l adn on it u fall n feel off balance. any ideas on how to adjust to very bad monuds.

thank u

if this is your home field, can you and a few friends or your dad literally buy some baseball dirt and clay and fix it?

if it’s not your home field, there’s no easy fix. the good thing is … as you move up, the fields tend to get a lot better. Aim high :slight_smile:

its not my home field… its at a park our league played at after HS baseball was over.
now i slip after every pitch, or im off balance

i have the same problem here

theres a big hole on the pitching side of the rubber where everyone puts their posting leg and a big hole at the bottom of the mound

last game it was a battle just to come out of leg kick and not trip over the mound since you were dug into the mound halfway deep

wut did u do to adjust to the mound

what you need to do is get all of the pitchers to help fix it after games and practices and general use. thats what my summer ball team does and we have a mound (and field) that has been called professional grade on the good days. giving that its private also helps quite a bit but u will just have to deal with people that arent on teams using it.

we have this problem on our field and bull pen and we fixed it… It was soo much better