How far is the mound for 13 year olds?

13yo would be Juniors so the mound distance will be 60’ 6". That’s one part of Little League I don’t care for. It’s a very big jump from 46’ in Majors up to 60’ 6" in Juniors.

If you’re faced with making that jump, I would suggest starting to practice at that distance a couple months before you start for real. Start off nice and easy and work your way up in terms of how much you throw from that distance.

r u sure? this isn’t little league

From what I played it went:
Farm 40 feet
Minors, Majors 46 feet
Juniors on up 60 feet 6 inches
Ive heard pony plays 54 feet, but i dont know

Well, since you posted in the Little League forum, I assumed you were talking about Little League.

Different organizations (e.g. Little League, USSSA, Super Series, etc.) use different distances. Which are we talking about?

an intershool league

Couldn’t tell you, then, as it will be dependent on your school district’s rules. In my kids’ school district here in the Phoenix area, 13’s are 7th graders so they play either 54 foot mounds if they attend a junior high or they play the full 60 foot mounds if they attend a K-8 school. The junior highs have large enough attendance that they field separate 7th and 8th grade teams and they let the 7th grade team play on smaller fields. The K-8 schools have a smaller attendance and only field one team comprised of both 7th and 8th graders. The 7th graders have to “play up” on the bigger field.

I’m 12 and have been playing on the Seniors field (MLB length) for a while. I pitch from the mound and it just feels and looks like a pretty short distance. As for the “majors” field, I blow it by kids before they can see the ball. Just my opinion.