Mound Distance?

Have you guys ever had a day where you felt like the mound was farther away than normal? Or how about when you feel the mound is closer than normal? I know each of the mounds I pitch on are the correct ditance to the plate but some days it feels like they are farther (or closer) to the plate. I was just wondering if any other people ever felt like this and why does it feel like it’s a different distance to the plate some days?

In games they feel close to me almost all the time but in bullpens they feel far

When i pitch in a Bullpen i feel like it is farther away but when i get on the field mound it feels like it is 15 feet.

it all depends on the distance you warm up at. if its 80ft long toss the mound is going to appear closer. if its just throwing from 30 feet it will feel way longer

Don’t forget the size of the catcher. I’ve had a couple monsters behind the plate and it appears that your on top of the plate, and theres no way you can miss the zone. Always a good feeling.

alot of times when the backstop is like 50 feet away i feel the plate is closer. sometimes when the backstop is about 20 feet i feel like im really far… its just something the seanary plays with your eyes

I have had that feeling.

Here’s a very important point to remember—two points, in fact: the type of pitcher you are and the height of the mound. The Yankees were playing the Royals in Kansas City, and Chien-Ming Wang was on the mound, and he was having some trouble. Jorge Posada called time, came out to the mound, and told Wang to shorten his stride. The reason for this was that Wang is a sinkerball pitcher, and the mound at Kauffman Stadium is lower and flatter than at any other ballpark in the majors—disaster for sinkerballers! So Wang shortened his stride, and he went on to pitch seven strong innings and get the win.
So check with your catcher and check the mound, and adjust accordingly. :slight_smile: