A majority owner had a wife who was into everything – real state,
Mary Kay cosmetics, Avon, Tupper Ware, you name it she had a hand in it.
After a real bad showing for our first season opener, the staff was pretty
down in the dumps. “ @#&!, we gotta go how many more of these this season?”
was the usually talk in the room. So, word came down that this man’s wife
was also a motivation speaker and it might be helpful if we attended one of
her sessions. There was no misunderstanding to the words “ might be helpful”,
we were all signed up for her next speech at the local Holiday Inn. Cost me
$40 bucks with my so called discount.

After her speech we mounded our bus and off we went for a five game roads show.
It was miserable. We were the butt of jokes in every motel parking lot
and Denny’s we stopped at.

Finally, it was over. We met our majority owner and his spunky wife at a local restaurant
for a meeting. After the handshakes, the owner’s wife had that look
on her face that was anticipating …. “ well, how did you gentlemen do… were
my words of encouragement helpful? The waitress came over and asked if we’d like
To order, and seeing how we were sitting right next to the bar – all five coaches
without exception looked over at this big bottle of JACK DANIELS and said at the
same time… “I’d like a double!”
Now that’s motivation for ya!

Coach B.

LMAO that’s pretty funny Coach B