Motion Speed

Im looking to tweek a few things in my motion, and i was wandering what was more comfortable for people.A motion that is more violent and quick to the plate, or a motion that has a slower pace

im very slow to the plate but still gather enough momentum to throw the ball somewhat hard

my delivery from the stretch [without the slidestep] takes about 2 secs.

Pheen is it a yardsale on the basepaths when you pitch?

Hmmm…let me think back, it’s been decades…I remember when I pitched I used the full windup about 90% of the time. I didn’t have much occasion to work from the stretch—not as a starter anyway. I was a sidearmer who threw pretty hard and used the slide-step all the time, and I recall that I worked pretty fast. Not a violent motion, but fast. 8)

This is my son, you’ll note he delivers in rhythm quickly but not with much violence…actually his tempo is a little quick in this particular game…the point is, violence in a delivery isn’t where you want to be, think smooth, think deliberate, get the ball and deliver it. His delivery time is 1.35 from the stretch…no slide step. He cruised in this game between 86-88

jdfromfla, my motion and mechanics are alot like your son’s but the only difference is i have a little slower delivery to the plate. im only 13 but still get my fastball up to about 70. i was also wandering if or how motion speed effects velocity

4 seam(70)
circle change(60)
working on sink and slider