Does anyone have anyways that I can motavate myself to do my off season workout program. For example where I live it was about 40 degrees and raining. Also i didnt feel well (I wasn’t sick i just wasn’t feeling 100%). I had to practically drag myself outside to do sprints. Also does anyone know anyways to make boring things (running, push ups and sit ups) fun?

I certainly feel your pain. I grew up playing/practicing baseball in similar conditions (upstate NY). However, all the really good pitchers that I’ve ever played with or against have one thing in common: a sincere love of the “process.” In other words: practice is as fun as the game.

Could you set short term goals, say a faster sprint time, and when you meet that time, reward yourself with a new Under Armor shirt or pair of running shoes? In other words: set up a system by which you reward yourself with a purchase once you accomplish the goals you set?

A lot of runners – marathon runners in particular – do this: they buy new clothing to stay motivated, and they say it helps. (My wife is training for a marathon and she does this!)