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I’ve noticed the inconsistency in my landing which makes me pull the ball way outside. Anything else?

It looks like your not comfortable with the different mound heights. You seemed to be really consistent in the first section, then on the next feild it was a little higher mound. I dont know but it looks as if you just arent really comfortable with it.

Time was when the standard mound height was 15 inches. That was the height I pitched from, and I never had any trouble. Now it’s ten inches—and from what you say that height is not consistent; they move it up and down and I can understand why you’re not comfortable with it.
I remember back in the day when Ed Lopat had a winng streak going against the Cleveland Indians. They tried everything, including lowering the height of the mound—and it didn’t bother him at all; he was able to make the adjustment. You might just have to do the same. 8)