Most mph can be gained?

I throw about 70-73 right now and i’m 5’8" 150lbs, im also 15 yrs old and a sophomore in highschool, is it even possible for me to throw 90+? I mean genetic wise? what could I do to get to maybe 80-83 next year? thanks and what do you guys think my genetic limit is?

anybody know?

anybody know?

almost anybody is genetically capable of throwing high 80’s (from what I’ve heard). Few reach their genetic potential though. Lincecum comes to mind as one who has. it’s about how you use your body to generate the most force.

oh I see, well im really confused, im a good hitter and can hit from the left side as well, not as good though and im not confident enough to hit in a game from the left side… but anyway I only throw low 70’s with a semi-decent changeup and curveball… idk which to follow or which would be easier, im also having arm pain a lot from throwing.

arm pain usually means a flaw in your mechanics or overuse. Most likely the first. Is there a video of your mechanics available on this site?

No not yet im trying to borrow a video camera to get my mechanics up.

you have no control over the genetic part of you. all you can do is work as hard and smart as you can to get all the baseball out of your body that you can.

  1. develop sound throwing mechanics
  2. get on a throwing program to develop maximum arm strength
  3. get on a strength and conditioning program to develop maximum stregth and flexibility
  4. throw strikes and learn 2 off speed pitches (you will not always have one of your off speed pitches and it gives you a back up and another pitch for the 2nd time through the line up.

don’t worry, throw, then you will learn to pitch.

70s maybe. 80s, I doubt it.