Most desired arsenal

what would be ur most desired arsenal? dont state the speed just the pitches… what would be the hardest for a hitter to… hit…

what 2 - 6 pitches would u have in ur arsenal to keep the hitter guessing

  1. Fastball
  2. Cut-Fastball
  3. Knuckleball
  4. Change-Up
  5. Curveball

That’s what I’d like to throw. I don’t know why more pitchers don’t use a knuckleball as a changeup. Imagine how deadly it would be to combine a powerful fastball with a Tim Wakefield knuckleball…

i have to agree with Samo… although I can through a Knuckler I am not consistent enough to call it my own.

At my age group 15-16 a good curve. Not many people have the luxury to see a good good curve.

the thing that makes Wakefield so tough is that he holds all his pitches like a knuckleball. and thats why his fastball doesnt even touch 80 mph.

To keep someone guessing you COULD have this:

  1. Knuckleball
  2. Fastball
  3. Curveball
  4. 2 seam
  5. Splitter