Most deceptive

whats the most deceptive pitch…

if you could spot any pitch perfectly, which would it be?

i would personally pick the knukler cause no one can spot that perfectly :wink:

The slider easy, a good slider looks like a fastball and moves out of the zone. second would be the splitty as it comes in as a fastball and then drops at the last second

It is the knuckleball because it is essentially random, then give them the high heat and they don’t know what hit them.

I’d like a cutter like Rivera had in his prime. That thing is really tough to hit.

Yes, the knuckleball is the most random pitch but the question was; whats the most desceptive pitch, and when you look at a knuckleball from the batters box you know wat it is. But, a good slider or splitter may look like a fast ball when it comes to speed, and rotation when considering the splitter. Also when the throwing action is taken into account it is hard to pick a splitty or slider as they look like a fastball. All of these factors make them desceptive.

A knuckleball has none of these qualities, unless someone can throw a knuckleball at 90mph with a fastball action lol.

Deception doesn’t mean they can’t know what it is, if a knuckler is moving and is random they don’t know where it ends up. Toss a good fastball after a couple of them and they are way behind it.

There asking for one single pitch. Also if someone through 3 changeups to a batter and the through a fastball it would have the same effect as a knuckle combo. But still there after only one pitch. The knuckler is a good setup pitch but i wouldnt call it desecptive for the reasons i mentioned earlier.

A single pitch then is a knuckleball because plain and simple they don’t know where it is at.

desceptiveness is being able to hide the pitch and you cant hide a knuckleball

but with a knuckler you don’t need to.

To me, deception is hiding the ball as long as possible and making your delivery identical for all of your pitches.

The random movement of a knuckleball isn’t deceptive. It’s unpredictable but it’s not deceptive. In fact, I think the lack of spin makes the knuckleball easier to visually detect sooner than other pitches. The change-up, on the other hand, has the same spin as the fastball which increases its deceptiveness.

Very true

A great change is a perfect deceptive pitch, that or a splitter if you ask me.

Well, different people percieve the word deceptive differently, I hear it and it triggers in my mind unpredictable so I say knuckleball because you don’t know where it is going.

However in where you are thinking in making someone think it’s something else it’s a change-up, it has the same spin as a fastball and you see it and think it’s a heater when it’s 10 mph slower.

Thats where the splitters good, it is a fastball that drops right at the last second. Did you see clemens splitter on monday? there was not one solid hit against it, all the hitters were out in front giving him a sh#t load of ground outs.

I also noticed that he has a sign when hes gonna throw a fastball. He takes a deep breathe and the pitches…not that anyone can hit it.