Most Annoying Thing Ever

Last night our defense finally buckled down (I was playing 1st not pitching) and made a few plays. However we still lost for one reason. Our starter, could not throw strikes, our reliever, could not throw strikes, until our third pitcher came in it was a walk fest. We lost 17-3 and when you take walks out of it the score is 4-3 after 5 and we have 2 innings left to play.

I cannot stand it when pitchers cannot throw strikes. It’s absolutely annoying. My coach told me he might be starting me on Sunday even though I’ve only done relief work to this point.

I kinda of had the same game, but my pitcher was throwing strikes, and the batters were hitting them, it was the defense that killed us. First inning, we let in 11 runs. I played 2nd, none of them were hit to me. And not being so cockey, but if balls were hit to me, we would be down by less runs. But yeah, its so annoying, but I came in right after, pitched 2.2 IP / 2 H / 2 BB / 0 R :slight_smile:

someone had to stop them from scoring runs haha

Ouch! These are some ugly games! Nothing is worse then when your team beats itself before the other team has a chance to beat you.

…Hope you get the start Pustulio and good luck.


Ouch and double ouch!!! Even the lowest level of Little Leaguers could play better than that. And if this sort of thing keeps up, something drastic will have to be done.
A word to Pustulio—you’re starting Sunday, right? Get out there and go deep into the game 8) and show them how things are supposed to be done—and give 'em the old knuckleball. You can do it. 8)

walks really are a killer there a free pass onto a base and couple that with some errors or more walks and your in for a long night. But the thing that some coaches and players that dont pitch dont realize is sometimes you just cant throw strikes to save your life no matter how hard you try or what you do it just doesnt work. Which is even more frustrating for the pitcher because he has everyone yelling at him to just throw strikes well hell it may not be that easy. Ive been in situations where ive walked a ton of people and you seem helpless like what do i do? And it doesnt help when your fielders turn on you justc oming from a pitching standpoint your fielders should always have your back even if they cant throw a strike it atleast helps with confidence a little and maybe they wont be as nervous and wil throw more strikes.

i know how you feel. especially when you feel that yourself could throw strikes. but thats baseball. sometimes you got it sometimas ya dont. dont blame others. instead become the dugout heor