Most accurate radar gun

What is the most accurate radar gun at the least amount of money

The most accurate radar gun is a Stalker. This is what almost all college/pro scouts use; unfortunately these will set you back around $800. The next best thing is a Jugs, these are almost just as good as the Stalkers but these will cost around $700. The next best thing would be probably a Bushnell, These are around $80 but these aren’t as accurate as the Jugs or Stalker and they don’t have as many features. If you want an accurate Radar gun your best bet is the Jugs or Stalker these are hugely expensive but worth it. On the other hand the bushnell is worth the 80 dollars, not extremely accurate but will give you a general idea of where you stand.

i got one, its beautiful

i hear the bushnell works for little league speeds but once you get over 80 the readings get all messed up

I used to Bushnell at the start of this season and dont recommend it, the readings are all screwed up and if ur not in the right position, it always screwed up and gave about 10 different speeds.

With the bushnell beside the stalker it was on average 3/4/5 mph slower. Atleast thats what we got