More than one?

Do you think it’s beneficial for athletes to play multiple sports or too much of a risk especially when they excel at one?

I think that there can be benefits of each one. As a team, all pitchers play basketball after throwing. We throw 10-15 minutes and play basketball for 45-50, it helps us recover in our arms and also creates the conditioning we need to stay healthy throughout a season.

I swim to build up the muscles in my shoulder without putting any stress on it.

In the end, if people take care of themselves, drink right, eat right, stretch right, there is no need to fear playing a second sport. In fact I advocate it as it will increase your athleticism.

The most important thing about playing multiple sports is, unless people play many different sports, how can they know which they’re best suited for and enjoy the most?

I played 3 sports per year (football, basketball, and baseball) from the age of 9 through high school before focusing on baseball in college. Here’s my view of the benefits (as to baseball):

  1. I never burned out. I couldn’t wait for baseball to start after a long basketball season.

  2. I was more aggessive as a result of playing football.

  3. When I was younger and facing a guy throwing 250 mph, I lost my fear because I knew what it was like to be hit in football.

  4. Basketball taught me to perform with all eyes on me (at the foul line in a tiny high school gym). It made pitching SO MUCH EASIER.

Of course, above all…it was a blast to play football and basketball.

Personally, I would say that playing multiple sports when younger could be good and even enjoyable for an athlete.
However, as an athlete got older (maybe in later highschool years)
it would probably a good idea to figure out if that athlete is determined to play professional sports and he/she could then figure out which sport they wanted to play.