More questions on pitch count

Hi all - I’m new to this, my 8 1/2 yr old has his first kid pitch game in a few weeks and he’s been working on pitching for a few months now. He shows some real promise, so he will one of the team’s pitchers this Fall. I’m trying to be real concientious about protecting his arm, so have been reading a ton on the internet lately. I’ve found good info on pitch counts but I want to make sure I understand how to really calculate total number of pitches and rest required. Right now we practice 3 times a week plus he takes a pitching lesson once a week. Plus he likes to throw pitches in the driveway - sometimes a real baseball sometimes just a tennis ball. So do I need to be counting every pitch he throws? And if he has a lesson, should he wait two days to pitch at practice? And if he pitches at practice, but only 20 - 30 pitches, can he pitch 20 more the next day? I guess I’m trying to determine what counts as a “pitch”. Also, I think his coach plans to only pitch each kid a max of 2 innings per game, which I think is good, but then my son will still play the other 4 innings, at catcher and first. Is this still considered rest? I hope this all makes sense, this is all very new to us!! Lastly, I’ve read that even on a rest day, it’s ok to play an easy game of catch. Thoughts? He wants to at least be playing catch in the driveway everyday, just want to make sure it’s ok!
(Sorry for the long post!)

I would focus on pitches that he is throwing full out. Generally, that only means in game settings.

However, you have to make sure that he isn’t practicing too much.

Given his age, I would given him a day off between pitching practice sessions.

I think 1 or 2 innings per game, and 25 or 30 pitches per outing, is the most a nine year-old should throw.

I would not consider playing catcher to be rest since he has to make a return throw for every pitch. I prefer that my pitchers play 1B, 2B, or OF when they aren’t pitching.

I think it’s fine (and good) to throw every day. I would just be cautious when it comes to pitching every day.

AS he gets older don’t throw with a tennis ball, either can hurt the arm. But at eight yrs old he should be okay.

Trash the tennis ball.